LED bulbs light about 90% more efficiently than regular incandescent products. LEDs are incorporated in fixtures and bulbs for general lighting usage. Though they are small in size, LED products offer unique lighting opportunities. Hybrid fixtures designed with a replaceable light format are also available.

With more lighting options on the market today, it’s always best to choose ENERGY STAR products like LED bulbs. At Spark Daddy Home Services, we offer reliable electrical services, whether you’re installing, replacing, or repairing your fixtures. Armed with certified electricians, we provide high-quality services to make your fixtures perform optimally. Let’s explore various benefits of LED lighting that make them energy efficient.

Longer Lifespan

LED lighting can last between 15,000 to 60,000 hours based on the quality and type. High-quality LEDs are designed to last for more hours while providing consistent lighting. However, the ambient operating temperature can affect the life expectancy of LED lights. Heat dissipation and proper ventilation are crucial in lengthening the lifespan of your bulbs.

Make sure your electrician installs the bulbs securely without over-tightening and places them in a compatible fixture. Keep the room well-ventilated and maintain an overall cool environment.

Dirt and dust will accumulate, and if not cleared, they will reduce the efficiency of the bulbs. So, keep the lights clean by using a duster or soft cloth regularly. When buying LEDs, choose reputable brands that offer high-quality, durable chips. Using good bulbs and fixtures means you’ll buy fewer over a long period, ultimately saving money.

Small Size

LED lighting’s compact design makes it easier to use in different locations. You can have the lights fixed in tightly packed areas, which comes with several cost-saving benefits. With their small size, LED lights consume a comparatively small amount of energy. Besides, their appearance is pleasing, making them ideal for home and commercial applications.

LED bulbs be used in different areas, including under cabinets and in sconces, direct pendants, and wall-wash lighting. LEDs are highly functional and make a decorative statement. They can be recessed or hidden to resemble natural lighting. With their compact design, LED lights are often used to minimize reflection and direct glare. Create a glare-free room to avoid distracting employees from their work.


LED lighting emits its energy as visible light in the infrared scale instead of the UV spectrum. Since these lights do not emit harmful waves, they are suitable for illuminating artwork, which could be damaged when exposed to UV emissions. Besides, they do not emit heat compared to other lights. Incandescent lights emit 90% of LEDs’ heat and only 10% of their energy, attributing to their inefficiency.

Another benefit of LEDs is that they are safer for people and the environment. Traditional lights are fixed with fluorescent lighting and mercury vapor, which can lead to mercury exposure. On the other hand, LEDs do not contain mercury and are designed to emit light through semiconductors. This eliminates any worry about being exposed to harmful components.

Compatible With Low Voltages

LED lights are manufactured to use semiconductors to convert electrical energy to light. Low-voltage systems boost the light’s luminous efficacy and enhance electrical efficiency. This is because an AC-DC rectifier can power low-voltage LED lights. Besides, low-voltage LEDs don’t require integrated drivers, so they prevent flickering.

The elimination of integrated drivers means you won’t need to replace the fixtures often. This saves you money in the long run. It also enhances the lifespan of LED lights in your home or office. LEDs operate at an optimal of 60V DC. This voltage is low enough not to pose risks of electrocution. It is safer to relocate cables in LED lights that operate on low voltage because moving them doesn’t require mechanically protected cables or moving conduits.

They Can Be Dimmed

Dimmable lights create an atmosphere, bring flexibility, and save energy. These are just some of the advantages of LED lighting. Although not all LED bulbs are dimmable, the dimmable ones make it easy to adjust light levels. Brightly lit spaces for reading or office work can distract you. But by dimming the lights, you can turn a room into an ideal space for a presentation.

Since dimmable lights allow you to control the lighting, it also helps reduce eye strain while boosting your concentration. When you remain focused, you become more productive. Dimmable lighting is energy efficient, too. Bulbs with dimming capabilities consume less energy, leading to reduced output levels. Low energy consumption is good for the environment and your wallet.

How to Purchase LED Lights

Now that you know the benefits of LED lighting for energy conservation, the next step is to select the right fixtures and bulbs. But with several products popping up on the market, the purchasing process can be daunting. Here are the factors that make the buying process seamless.

Choose a Good Quality Lighting Product

LED lights are known to be of good quality, but not all of them are. When you are selecting the bulb, consider reliable manufacturers rather than going for the cheapest product. Honest manufacturers ensure the bulbs maintain consistent output over time. Replacing traditional fluorescent lamps and filament bulbs with LEDs is a significant savings plan. It also helps you use electricity sustainably.

Choose From Different Types

Different LED lighting types are available. Here are the common types.

Standard LED Lights

These are high-efficiency lights for businesses and home lighting. Standard LED lights have superior longevity and are more affordable, making them an excellent choice for basic lighting.

Dimmable LED lights

These bulbs are common on the market, allowing you to control a room’s brightness. Some dimmable lamps require a manual dimmer, but there are smart choices that can be controlled through an app. These bulbs are suitable for spaces where you spend most of your time, like a workspace or study room.

Smart LED lights

If you have a smart home or want to control your lighting via an app, smart LEDs can be a good choice. These products integrate with your existing smart home systems for voice command controls.

Decorative LED lights

Decorative LED bulbs are best for adding an aesthetic appeal to your home. Look for colorful LEDs to decorate the roof or illuminate your home with green or red lights for the holidays.

Consider Correlate Color Temperature

LEDs come in array of color temperatures, ranging from cool white to warm golden light. The CCT of a lightbulb affects the mood of a room, so be sure to make a good choice. For example, create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom with a warm-white bulb. Warmer color temperatures ranging between 1800k and 2700k are ideal for high-end restaurants.

Type of Space

Where do you want to place your LED lightbulbs? Different spaces call for different types of lighting. For example, LED panel lights are good options for general lighting. Bulbs are suitable for smaller spaces, while LED strips can light both small and large spaces. They can also fit in nooks and crannies.

Let Professionals Handle the Tasks

LED technology has been embraced worldwide. It’s more durable and efficient. Plus, it creates better lighting quality. If you want to switch to this innovation, we can help. At Spark Daddy Home Services, we’re dedicated to helping you transition to affordable LED lighting. Our team of professionals offers services like outlet repairs, code corrections, light switch repairs, and SPA wiring. You can also reach out to us for electrical panel replacements, installation of emergency generators, and specialty lighting.

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