If you’re like many people, you’ve probably tried out at least a couple of smart devices. Maybe you’ve recently started relying more on your smartphone’s features, or perhaps you have a smart alarm system guarding your house. Now is the time to take your use of smart tools to the next level. With our guide, you can learn how to use smart devices to improve your home’s electrical system and functioning and the benefits of doing so.

Stronger Internet Connectivity

The past few years have reminded people of how vital the internet truly is to their everyday lives. Whether you work from home every day or just once in a while, love to shop on the internet, or use social media to connect with loved ones across the globe, a feeble internet connection can slow you down. A smart electrical system helps you to stay connected and on top of work, personal, and social tasks.

Conserved Energy

One major advantage of using smart devices for your home’s electrical system is the conservation of energy. Smart tools allow you to schedule on and off times for your home’s devices, thereby helping to reduce the strain on the environment. In addition to protecting the environment, a smart home’s energy-friendly nature can also be appealing to prospective buyers if you put your house up for sale. You might even be entitled to some tax breaks for adding energy-efficient devices to your dwelling.

Lowered Costs

Some people balk at the idea of converting to a smart home in terms of their electrical systems because of the anticipated costs. While it’s true that you’ll need to pay to upgrade the system, the new devices are likely to be cost-effective in the long term. In other words, your monthly bills will likely decrease since smart devices will save on energy consumption.

Greater Safety

Upgrading to smart devices in terms of the electrical system can help keep your home safer. Our team members can answer questions about specific enhancements that are most suitable for your home. For example, you might choose a smart electrical panel that can detect faults in the system. You can also opt for other devices that will automatically turn off if a problem is detected. Upgrading to smart devices could protect your home from a fire.

Surge Protection

Power surges can destroy valuable electronic equipment in your home. In some cases, they can even cause fires. If an appliance overheats during a surge, it could ignite. You can install a smart system that is designed to protect against power surges. Even if your home already features surge protection, smart devices offer another layer of security.

System Monitoring

A smart electrical system improves your home’s safety by making it possible to monitor the system as well. When you’re away from the house, whether for a day at the office or a lengthier vacation, you can quickly and easily check on your property and receive alerts about any issues.

Home Monitoring and Security

On top of the ability to monitor the electrical system and its components, you can also benefit from improved home security. Smart devices can include alarms for windows and doors, security cameras for both interior and exterior parts of your property, and timed lighting around the perimeter of the house. In the event of an emergency, the smart devices can contact the necessary authorities. You can also feel greater peace of mind coming home late at night if you’re able to turn on lights remotely.

Reduced Insurance Rates

The improved safety of a smart electrical system can lower your insurance costs as well. Since this home upgrade could reduce your risk of fires and destruction of property, you may qualify for a lower home insurance rate. Speaking with your insurance provider can allow you to find out exactly how much money you might save.

Appliance Control

Adding smart upgrades to your home’s electrical system can also allow you to control appliances more precisely. For example, you may have had the unpleasant experience of waking up late and not having time to make coffee before rushing out the door to work. With a smart plug, you could program the coffee pot to turn on at the same time each morning so that the appliance is up and running when you need it.

In your dash out of the house, you might also accidentally leave an appliance on, and a remote control can allow you to shut that device down. The ability to control devices remotely improves safety too. Leaving certain appliances, such as the dryer, on when you’re away poses a major threat to safety.

Outage Backup

Speak with one of our team members about how a smart electrical system can help you in the event of a power outage. If the power goes out in the neighborhood, you don’t necessarily need to be left in the dark. You could choose a system that comes with battery backup if such a situation occurs. You may even be able to customize which appliances the energy should be allocated to the most if a power outage occurs.

Increased Home Value

Sleek smart devices can help you boost the assessed value of your home. A house with a smart electrical system is likely to be worth more than one without smart features. Upgrading to a smart electrical system is a smart investment.

Better Opportunities in the Market

A higher assessed home value can help you if you put your house on the market, whether shortly or later down the road. Plenty of buyers are willing to pay more for a house with smart electrical features as they realize the many safety-enhancing and cost-saving benefits associated with switching to smart systems. Furthermore, since homes with smart features are attractive, you may find that you can make a sale more quickly than you would without these upgrades.

At Spark Daddy Home Services, we can take your home’s electrical safety and functionality to the next level of sophistication with smart devices. We serve Sullivan and the greater St. Louis area, offering an array of electrical services.

Whether you’re looking for surge protection, generators, a new circuit breaker, lighting, an updated electrical panel, or other improvements to your home’s electrical system, we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to design a custom solution geared toward the needs of your property.

Our team also specializes in heating and cooling projects, so be sure to check out our repair, installation, and maintenance services. We work with mini splits, radiant heating, and indoor air quality issues as well. Ask about our financing officers too.

When you’re ready to take the next step in improving safety and comfort at home, contact Spark Daddy Home Services in Sullivan to learn more or address your concerns.

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