The answer to why is really pretty simple—we listen.

    We listen to your description of a problem IT is creating:
    • …to how you need IT to work.
    • …to the design IT must match.
    • …to the code IT must pass.
    • …to the effect IT needs to achieve.
    • …to the security and peace of mind IT provides.
    • …to the comfort IT must deliver.
    • …to the professionalism you demand…We Listen.

    Electricity—we need IT for almost everything in our lives!

    Only after listening, can we professionally suggest the remedies, products, and services to get you in shape, fast. When Spark Daddy Home Services rolls a fresh and clean service van to your door, it is a Fully Stocked Service Van, ready for Same Day Repairs. We have exactly what we need on board. We don’t waste time or your money running back and forth to a parts house.

    Our Master Electricians have been servicing customers for better than 50 years, collectively. We have the ingenuity and experience so solve any electrical problem or situation. And we have the neighborly smarts to make efficient repairs without waste.

    That’s why you rely on Spark Daddy Home Services. Fast, Fair and Friendly—Your Favorite Home Service Company!

    Core values that spark

    Safety First

    For our customers and our team.


    We do what’s right, every time, even when there is no one looking.


    We treat our customers and our team like family. We build relationships that knit us together.


    We demand more of ourselves than our customers expect.