The Top 7 Benefits Of Installing A Whole-Home Backup Generator

With a whole-home backup generator, you never have to worry about being left in the cold again! Harsh winter storms often mean homeowners are left without power for days, or even weeks until the power company can restore it. However, with a generator, you don’t have to wait. Here are the top 7 benefits of installing a whole-home backup generator.

1. Quick, Automatic, and Efficient Distribution of Power

With a backup generator, you’ll hardly even know you lost power in the first place. When the power goes out, your generator will automatically kick on and provide you with power. This also means that you don’t have to worry about food going bad, or not being able to cook dinner.

2. Uninterrupted Use of Appliances and Electronics

There’s nothing like being in the middle of watching a television show, playing a game, or cooking a meal when the power decides to go out. However, a whole-home backup generator will allow you to continue to use your appliances, electronics, and other items without interruption.

3. Comfort and Safety

Blackouts and storms can be dangerous and uncomfortable. In extremely cold temperatures, especially, it can be unsafe to not have heat. Luckily, a backup generator fixes that and keeps you both safe and comfortable at all times during a power outage in your town.

4. Protects Your Home From Dangerous Surges

Do you have expensive appliances or electronics plugged in? If your power were to go out right now, you could be at risk of damaging your appliances. After your power is restored after an outage, the sudden jump in current can cause a power surge that can damage your belongings. They can not only cost you a lot of money in repairs or replacements, but they can also lead to electrical fires.

5. Saves You Money

While a backup generator may cost more money up front, it saves you quite a bit in the long run. For example, it eliminates the need for you to stay in a hotel, keeps your food from spoiling, prevents your frozen pipes from bursting, and prevents your sump pumps from overflowing. All of these things can be costly.

6. Peace of Mind

If nothing more, a whole-home backup generator gives you and your family peace of mind that you’ll never have to worry about being without power during a torrential, harsh winter storm. You can stay comfortable year-round, no matter what kind of plans mother nature has.

7. Improves Home Value

Are you looking to sell anytime soon? If so, having a backup generator can help increase your home value. Generators are appealing to potential homebuyers, and it is a huge selling point to keep in mind – especially if you live in an area that experiences frequent outages.

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