I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an electrician. As a kid, I used to love taking things apart and seeing how they worked before putting them back together. I was always really interested in learning how things work and in what order they operate. I remember when I was in grade school turning the antenna in the mobile home where we lived. For those that don’t remember that was way before satellite. By turning the antenna you could make the reception on your tv come in more clear. I also remember hooking up the flat antenna cable using a pair of scissors to strip the wire and a butter knife to tighten the screws.

My freshman year of high school is when I knew that being an electrician was what I wanted to do with my life. The next-door neighbor was a lineman and worked for a local utility company. He had recently retired and would tell me about how much he loved his job as well as the fact that he made a good living for his family. We were good friends as I would often go over and help him split wood or do farm work so I could hear about his job. He also had a three-legged dog named Lucky, whom I will never forget. Lucky and I would play fetch for hours at a time until when I would throw the ball, he would go get the ball and just go home instead of coming back to me. That’s when I knew he’d had enough.

Later in my high school years, I had a few older friends who had the job of wiring an apartment building in town. They had to work one weekend so to hang out with them I decided to go help free of charge. After getting permission to work for free, I went and helped them install new light fixtures, outlets, and smoke detectors that day. When we powered everything up and I saw those lights come on that’s when I got excited to get started. I immediately enrolled in a trade school and began studying. In 1999, I got my first job as an electrician. I helped wire new homes and businesses as well as installed some security systems. I learned a lot in the next few years before enrolling in an electrical apprenticeship program. After completing the program, I was asked to consider coming back and teaching in the program as my grades were at the top in my class. So I got to try my hand at teaching as well. I found teaching to be rewarding and decided that I loved training people and helping them succeed.

In the coming years, I would manage bigger and bigger jobs and crews and eventually earn the manager spot at a local electrician company. I enjoyed working with a team and the competition of making deadlines and providing great customer service. In 2007 I passed the Master Electrical Exam and after helping another local St. Louis company start an electrical department to service homeowners, I decided I wanted to go my own way. I wanted to do it better than anyone and better than anywhere I had ever worked. I remember lying awake at night in bed dreaming of all the ways I wanted to be better and to offer an electrical service as I had never heard of before. I wanted customers to be treated better and to be offered a service that was head and shoulders above the rest. When I finally fell asleep I would dream of building great teams of people that would go way out of their way to give world-class service to customers and their teammates. I would even dream of passing team members who were pulled off the side of the road to help a fellow citizen change a tire. These ideas and events all led to the birth of a small family-owned business called Spark Daddy Home Services, “Your Favorite Electrician”.

The team of professionals that we have assembled is exceptional for helping you with any electrical issue that you might encounter. Our customer experience representatives truly care for our customers and for helping them get their problems resolved. Our plans and dreams are now expanding as we want to continue this world-class service and also into offering other home service need as well. If you are an existing customer reading this, the whole team wants to thank you for choosing us! We appreciate you so much and it is an absolute pleasure to serve you!! If you are hearing about us for the first time, we would love to hear from you and introduce you to the next generation of electrical service. Service that will leave you smiling. Because at Spark Daddy Home Services your smile is guaranteed!!

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