Electrical Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Keep In Mind This Summer

This summer, you should have fun – but not at the expense of your safety! Here are some electrical safety tips for you and your family to keep in mind this summer.

Be Careful With Fans and Portable Air Conditioners

If you’re using fans and portable AC units to keep cool this summer, be sure to not overload your circuit. You could risk tripping your breaker. Try plugging the appliances into different outlets to avoid this from happening.

Keep Tools and Electronics Away From Water

It’s the season for landscaping, home projects, backyard BBQs, and more. Keep your safety top of mind when using electrical devices. Corded power tools could pose risks if they come into contact with water, and so could your electric BBQ. Not only should you keep your electronics away from water, but you also should not touch your electronics when you’re wet. Wait until you dry off to handle anything involving electricity.

Toss Out Old, Frayed Extension Cords

Many homeowners believe that if an extension cord is working fine, no matter how beat up it is, then it’s safe to continue using. However, this isn’t always true. If a cord becomes frayed, the live wire can be exposed which could be a safety hazard. To avoid an electric fire, replace any cord that exposes the live wires underneath. Not only that, but extension cords could create a tripping hazard. They’re designed for temporary use, not for everyday use.

Don’t Swim In Or Near A Marina

As we established above, water and electricity never mix. Swimming around electricity can be very dangerous, and lead to ESD (electric shock drowning). This can occur when marina, onboard electrical systems, boathouses, or piers leak electric current into the water. Swimming toward a malfunctioning electrical source could place you in a life-threatening situation. In the event that you do experience shock when in the water, swim or paddle away from any nearby pier, boathouse, marina, or vessel before calling for help.

Stay Away From Trees Near Power Lines

Let’s be honest – it’s a summer tradition to climb trees as kids (and even as adults). However, when trees or shrubs are growing too close to power lines – or on power lines – it’s unsafe to climb and should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, you could be at risk for electrocution.

Use GFCI Outlets Whenever Possible

GFCI outlets are quite literally a lifesaver. Let’s say an electrical device comes into contact with water. If you’re using a GFCI outlet, it will detect even the most minor variations of electric current and shut off your appliance before it can do any harm. Because GFCI outlets can prevent electrocution that can cause serious injury, fires, or fatalities, they’re one of the best things to invest in for your home.

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