Are you interested in a mini-split installation in Sullivan, MO? Do you know all about the great benefits that a mini-split system has to offer? At Spark Daddy Home Services, we offer mini-split air conditioner installation, repairs and maintenance and we’d be delighted to tell you more about our range of services.

Your comfort is our priority and our mini-split systems put you in complete control of your indoor climate. One of the best things about mini-splits is that you can personalize the cooling throughout your home thanks to their zoning capabilities.

That means you can have it cooler in some areas than others or even turn off cooling completely in areas you’re not using. This also means you’ll save money in the long run by completely controlling your mini-split operation.

If your existing AC system isn’t working as well as it once did, or you’ve noticed its costs are getting out of control, it’s time to give us a call. Our expert technicians will be delighted to talk you through the benefits of mini-splits and what we can do to improve your comfort and reduce your costs.